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SteraMist™ Surface Unit

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SteraMist™ Surface Unit

SteraMist™ Surface Unit

The SteraMist™ Surface Unit is a fully portable, hand-held, point and spray disinfection/decontamination system. Application time of only five seconds per square foot and a seven minute contact time to disinfect/decontaminate. The SteraMist™ BIT™ solution and Surface Unit can be used on hard, non-porous, high touch surfaces, including fabrics and curtains.

  • Kills bacteria1 and inactivates viruses2, reducing the risk of potential exposure in a treated space.
  • Easily incorporated into daily cleaning protocols.
  • Perfect for frequent use in entry and exit points.
  • Mobile for rapid deployment throughout a variety of spaces; lightweight, easy to transport, and capable of achieving reliable disinfection/decontamination.
  • Can be used for mold mitigation and remediation.


SteraMist™ Surface Unit

SteraMist™ Efficacy

Effective broad-spectrum surface and air disinfectant/decontaminant.

Effective against bacterial spores and gram-negative bacteria, including multiple drug resistant organisms (MDROs).

Effective for mold mitigation and remediation.

Ultimate tool for elimination of bacteria and viruses.

Does not require adjustment to room temperature or humidity before application.

Suitable for frequent/daily use.