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SteraMist™ Environment System

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SteraMist™ Environment System

SteraMist™ Surface Unit

The SteraMist™ Environment System is transportable and provides complete room disinfection/decontamination, deodorization, and mold mitigation using multiple treatment applicators per unit. Effective whole complete room treatment in just under 45 minutes* for a room (3,663.7 ft.3/104 m3). *Less time is typically needed for smaller sized rooms.

  • Six-Log Kill (99.9999%) on Clostridium difficile spores3 and Geobacillus Stearothermophilus.
  • Easy to transport and can be configured to treat multiple spaces simultaneously.
  • Automated/remote controlled system with downloadable data sets.
  • Less down time than competing technologies.
  • Precise measurement of H2O2 disbursement.


SteraMist™ Surface Unit

SteraMist™ Efficacy

Effective broad-spectrum surface and air disinfectant/decontaminant.

Effective against bacterial spores and gram-negative bacteria, including multiple drug resistant organisms (MDROs).

Effective for mold mitigation and remediation.

Ultimate tool for elimination of bacteria and viruses.

Does not require adjustment to room temperature or humidity before application.

Suitable for frequent/daily use.