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Infection Control News

In a major breakthrough for food disinfection and food safety TOMI’s Steramist TM has been approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in food service areas.

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Why is this a critical breakthrough in food disinfection?

We already know that the SteraMist TM technology is extremely effective in other decontamination situations. Now we can use this proven tool in even the most sensitive organic food environments. The designation adds another resource to the existing tools ICT’s Food Service Infection Control Program employs. The treatment can be seamlessly integrated into existing infection control programs.

What is SteraMist?TM

The TOMI’s SteraMist TMdisinfection delivery system changes the chemistry of the chemical solution to achieve the disinfection levels we are looking for. It utilizes Binary Ionization Technology®(BIT) with a 7% hydrogen peroxide solution as the agent. The BIT solution is shot through a high voltage electric arc. This rips the peroxide into concentrated Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), mainly hydroxyls along with other radicals, creating a maximum log reduction with the least amount of corrosively.

How ICT’s Food Clients Benefit

All stages of food handling benefit from this development. Effective against E. Coli, Salmonella, and Listeria SteraMist TM can be used from food processing to restaurants and any step in between. Treatment during food processing gives peace of mind that products leaving the facility are treated and that machinery is truly clean after applications.

Those in the warehouse industry gain the peace of mind that treatments can be performed without jeopardizing any other food present in the facility while also not compromising any organic food’s certifications. Food transportation providers will also find this news to be comforting. Application can prevent cross contamination or ensure proper hygiene after confirmed pathogens.

Restaurants and food service facilities should also be aware of this new option. Being able to use one product without needing to check for which items are organic reduces critical downtime while ensuring effective treatment.

What is OMRI?

ORMI is a nonprofit that determines which products are allowed for use in organic production and processing. Products that achieve this status are designated as “ORMI Listed©“. Products with this designation are listed by the USDA National Organic Program as acceptable for use in certified organic production.

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