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Soft Materials Cleaning and Decontamination

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Restoring Clothing, Furnishings, Sports Equipment, Personal Protective Gear and Irreplaceable Contents with Smoke, Water and Disaster Damage

Usually, when “soft contents” (clothing, household items, leather goods, shoes, luggage) meet smoke, fire, and water damage and sustain odors and stains seemingly beyond cleaning, the next stop is the dumpster. Infection Control Technologies, by using the innovative Esporta ES-3300 Wash System, can bring soft contents back to life.

This environmentally-friendly washing system incorporates a patented system of hydraulic pressure cleaning combined with four stages of proprietary enzyme-based detergents to deep clean, deodorize and sanitize items while removing and destroying bacteria, blood, fungus, mold, mucus, yeast and other contaminants.

With the Esporta Wash System, Infection Control Technologies restores all kinds of soft contents damaged during fire, water and storm disasters as well as sports equipment and athletic gear, firefighter turnout gear and personal protective gear. This cleaning process mitigates health risks from harmful contaminants that can lead to infection outbreaks including MRSA (Methicillan Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), and removes the odors of smoke and bacteria that traditional cleaning methods cannot without damaging the effectiveness of underlying materials.

Infection Control Technologies is the #1 Professional Sports, Recreational and Safety Gear Cleaner in the Northeast US, encompassing New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware. Our system is endorsed by the NHL’s Walter Gretsky, Kenny Daneyko, and Butch Goring, and the NFL’s Omar Stoutmire and Dennis Ryan, the USA Hockey National Team, and Hockey Canada National Programs.



The Esporta Wash System’s patented washing technology is up to five times more effective than traditional laundry at cleaning and removing organic and inorganic contaminants to restore all kinds of soft goods:

Suedes and Leathers
Personal Protective Equipment
Firefighter Turnout Gear
Survival Suits
Clothing, Shoes, Bedding, Rugs, Linens
Boat Cushions and Covers
Valuable and Sentimental Heirlooms
Delicate Fabrics
Hockey Gear
Football Equipment
Sports Gear
…and more!