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Complete Room Disinfecting
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State-of-the-Art Complete Room Disinfection

Infection Control Technologies performs rapid indoor surface disinfection using the TOMI SteraMist™ system delivering Activated Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (AIHP). Its patented Binary Ionization Technology ® (BIT™) two-step process activates and ionizes a 7.8% hydrogen peroxide solution, leaving only oxygen and water – humidity – behind.

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TOMI SteraMist Room Disinfectant Surface Unit

The SteraMist™ Surface Unit is a fully portable, fast-acting, hand-held point and spray disinfection system. A room is safe to enter within minutes after application. The single applicator surface unit enables disinfection of all surfaces, including high touch, sensitive medical equipment, and electronics. Learn More

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SteraMist Room Disinfectant Environment System

The SteraMist™ Environment System is a transportable remote-controlled system that provides complete room disinfection of a closed space up to 3,663 ft3. Multiple systems can be used together to disinfect larger spaces. Learn More

2-4 micron particle disinfects hard to reach areas

Room is safe to enter within minutes of application


Leaves No Residue

No Mixing or Diluting Required

Does Not Damage Electrical Equipment

TOMI™ Service Network

ICT is a member of the exclusive TOMI™ Service Network (TSN) of professional remediators.