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Infestation Remediation and Decontamination

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Controlling and Decontaminating Animal and Pest Infestations in Commercial and Residential Properties

Trapping and removing unwanted pests like birds, bats, squirrels, rodents and raccoons only tackles part of the problem. Properly resolving an animal infestation means identifying and eliminating potential entry access points. Once live invaders are removed by a qualified wildlife management company, ICT will provide remediation of animal waste, safely clean and thoroughly disinfect the affected areas to avoid animal-borne illnesses.

Infection Control Technologies provides commercial and residential animal infestation control and decontamination services throughout New Jersey and the Philadelphia Metropolitan area. Our trained professionals methodically identify the type of animal, the extent of invasive nesting and feeding areas and access holes through which the property was entered. As a first step, all entryways are sealed to ensure the outside infestation has been eliminated.

Following strict guidelines, dead pests, nests and droppings are removed. Infection Control Technology Technicians will clean, disinfect and deodorize the surrounding areas to eradicated urine and other waste.

If necessary, Infection Control Technologies professionals can make repairs and suggest improvements to restore the property to pre-infestation condition, including replacement of insulation materials or wall and framing materials damaged by burrowing pests.