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Infection Control News

Monroe, NJ – Infection Control Technologies, Inc. (ICT) dispatched a second biological decontamination team to treat a New Jersey retail location after a performing the same service the previous day in New York. In both instances, there had been confirmed COVID-19 cases in the immediate area, and ICT was brought in by both locations as a precautionary measure.


“These are both heavily-trafficked general-merchandise retailers. The owners felt that it was in their staff and customers’ best interests to act proactively to reduce exposure to whatever extent they could,” says Tom Peter, CEO of IRS.

All ICT technicians are trained in blood borne pathogens and exposure control methods, as well as EPA microbial remediation guidelines. High-risk emergency decontaminations are a primary focus of the ICT division.

How is an area impacted by COVID-19 Coronavirus decontaminated?

According to Peter, “We use a two-step process. We begin by hand-cleaning all ‘touch point’ surfaces and objects with an EPA-approved broad-spectrum cleaner/disinfectant/virucide/sanitzer. This is followed by a complete room disinfection process using an airborne distribution system that reaches surfaces that regular disinfectants can’t.”

Two technologies that ICT uses are TOMI SteramistTM and BioSprayTM surface sanitizer and disinfectant, commonly used in hospitals and pharmaceutical facilities. SteramistTM delivers Activated Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (AHIP) throughout the space, a proven method for killing viruses and bacteria. BioSprayTM works in a similar manner using an alcohol-based formula.

“These are highly effective treatments, and leave behind no odor or residue,” says Peter. “The rooms are safe to enter within minutes of application.”

Who should perform biological decontaminations?

Biological decontamination should only be performed by trained professionals, Peter stresses. “Our teams have both the knowledge and equipment to prevent further cross-contamination and protect their own safety, from personal protective gear to proper staging. We have one of NJ’s only ACAC Certified Environmental Infection Control Remediators (CEICR) and ABRA Certified Biorecovery Master (CBRM) Technicians on staff overseeing all ICT projects.” he explains.

As a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) with extensive specialized training and certifications, Peter has seen many infectious outbreaks in the last twenty-five years. “It’s important to remain focused and act purposefully. While COVID-19 has certainly caused a notable number of deaths – primarily for those with weakened systems – keep in mind that for the vast majority of patients the effects range from mild to moderate. Take reasonable steps to limit the spread of the virus. If there seems a likelihood of potential contamination in a facility, address it quickly with the right tools,” he recommends.

Infection Control Technologies, (ICT) a division of Insurance Restoration Specialists, Inc. (IRS) is one of the nation’s leading Building Hygiene contractors. ICT provides Facility Hygiene Services and Emergency Decontamination for some of the nation’s most respected real estate and Risk Management Professionals, Health Care, Municipalities, Institutions, Food Safety, Transportation, and government organizations.