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Emergency Cleanup Sewage Spill
Insurance Restoration Specialists crews begin clean up after pumping out 12” of raw sewage spilled under a student housing complex.

After a significant sewage spill was discovered beneath a student apartment building at a New Jersey college, Insurance Restoration Specialists, Inc. (IRS) was called in to provide emergency clean up and decontamination. They discovered multiple breaks in sewer pipes in crawl spaces beneath two buildings in a complex that houses over 900 students. The area was flooded with over 23,000 gallons of raw sewage.

Sewage spills pose far more serious hazards than simple water spills or flood damage, and require expertise and specialized equipment to safely remediate. Bacteria, viruses and other disease-causing organisms can contaminate surfaces, contents and the air. Extensive cleaning and decontamination is necessary to prevent direct and indirect contact with dangerous hazards.

Sewage Spill
Broken sewer pipes released over 23,000 gallons of raw sewage beneath the students’ residence, leaving construction debris floating in 12” of contaminated water.

IRS’s Environmental Remediation teams pumped out the raw sewage and dried out the affected areas. Contaminated construction debris was removed. After Infection BioRecovery technicians sanitized the area, the building hallways were cleaned and carpets shampooed to return the residence to pre-spill condition.

Sewage Spill Cleanup
After IRS technicians completed the remediation, the crawl space was left cleaned and sanitized.

“It’s important to treat every sewage spill as an emergency,” says Division Manager Tom Licker, CEICR, of Infection Control Technologies (ICT), a division of IRS. “Especially in this circumstance, where you have hundreds of students affected, with nowhere to go. Our technicians are trained following EPA, IICRC and Microbial Remediation guidelines, and are under the direction of a Certified Industrial Hygienist and a Certified Environmental Infection Control Remediator.”

ICT: First in Infection Control and Biological Decontamination. Infection Control Technologies, (ICT) a division of Insurance Restoration Specialists, Inc. (IRS) is one of the nation’s leading Building Hygiene contractors. ICT provides Facility Hygiene Services and Emergency Decontamination for some of the nation’s most respected real estate and Risk Management Professionals, Health Care, Municipalities, Institutions, Food Safety, Transportation, and government organizations.

Insurance Restoration Specialists, Inc. (IRS) is a premier provider of disaster recovery mitigation, environmental remediation, biohazard emergency response and HVAC inspection and cleaning in the New Jersey-Philadelphia-New York City area. IRS is certified by NADCA and have Certified Air Systems Cleaning Technicians and a Certified Ventilation System Inspector on staff. For businesses and property managers, an IRS Emergency Response Plan ensures having a pre-qualified contractor with a master services agreement, pricing and insurance in place before a disaster occurs.