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Healthcare Facility Hygiene & Biological Decontamination

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Healthcare Facility Infection Control & Biological Decontamination

Environmental hygiene in Hospitals, Clinics, Chiropractor offices, Physical Therapy facilities, Massage Centers, Dental offices and Extended Care Facilities is essential for the prevention of healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs). Infection Control Technologies provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to the Health Care industry with preventative solutions and mitigation services throughout the New Jersey and Philadelphia area.

Health Care Facility Hygiene Audits and Disaster Planning
ICT’s Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and Certified Environmental Infection Control Remediator (CEICR) perform comprehensive audits of environmental hygiene maintenance in full compliance with Infection Control Risk Assessment (IRCA) Guidelines. This audit examines air systems, engineering controls, and operating and safety procedures to identify threats to the Patient and Health Care Providers. We recommend cost-effective infection control plans and procedures with our APIC Certified Infection Control and consulting partners.
Health Care Facility Biological Decontamination and Remediation
Infection Control Technologies’ Decontamination and Sanitation Services helps to maintain clean and safe environments for biologically sensitive facilities, and Patients and Health Care Providers occupants. ICT can provide Disaster Emergency Response and Master Service Agreements to satisfy the need for pre-qualified contractors for Emergency Response Plans. Our comprehensive approach includes:

Infection Control Technologies’ staff utilize today’s most advanced tools and products to provide 6-Log Surface/Air Disinfection, Biosafety Level (BSL) 1-3 Lab Decontamination, and Verification of Efficacy via inoculated coupon analysis by certified labs.

Health Care Trauma and Death Scene Cleanup
Infection Control Technologies provides compassionate and efficient death and trauma scene clean up services. We provide cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing in keeping with American Bio Recovery Association (ABRA) Standards. Our certified professional Technicians remove all traces of biohazardous materials including blood, body fluids, tissue, contaminated materials and any other potentially hazardous items.


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