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Food Service Facility Hygiene and Biological Decontamination

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Food Service Facility Infection Control: Preventing Infections from Food-Borne Organisms

Food poisoning outbreaks can have far-reaching and devastating effects on restaurants, grocery stores, catering companies, food processors and manufacturers and the public at-large. Infection Control Technologies specializes in the prevention of infections of food-borne organisms, including Salmonella, E. Coli, Listeria, Botulism, Shigella, Hepatitis A and Norovirus, that can put many individuals at risk of serious illness or death at food service industry operations in the New Jersey and Philadelphia Metropolitan areas.

Food Safety Hygiene Audits

ICT’s HACCP Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and Certified Environmental Infection Control Remediator (CEICR) provide independent, expert evaluations of food service facilities to identify and recommend cost-effective remediation for potentially hazardous storage and preparation areas, ventilation and air quality control, operating and safety procedures and cleaning and decontamination of food manufacturing equipment.

Food Service Facility Disinfection and Remediation
Infection Control Technologies’ Decontamination and Sanitation Services provide a comprehensive solution for preventive maintenance as well as emergency decontamination for the food manufacturing and service industries.

ICT provides advanced sanitation services and industrial cleaning for food manufacturing, preparation and storage equipment and facilities with today’s most advanced technologies, including Dry Ice Blasting cleaning, large-area surface decontamination with SteraMist™ broad-spectrum biological disinfection, and targeted delivering alcohol-based quaternary solution called BioSpray D2™.

In conjunction with other divisions of Insurance Restoration Services, ICT coordinates full-spectrum emergency response for biohazard events, including fire, flood, water mitigation and HAZMAT spill response.