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Infection Control News

The flu killed 80,000 people last year according to CDC estimates and was one of the worst in recent memory. Almost 1 million people were hospitalized due to complications. And now flu season is upon us again.


After the recent death of senior citizen in North Carolina doctors are warning about the possibility of an early season while asking people to get vaccinated. The CDC recommendation is that everyone gets a flu shot.

The best way to deal with the flu is not to get it in the first place, which makes hygiene in high traffic facilities such as schools, offices and restaurants so critical. Influenza can live for up to 48 hours on most surfaces.

What can facilities managers do to prevent flu?

  • Maintain a regular and thorough cleaning schedule.
  • Verify that cleaning products used are certified by the EPA to kill influenza A virus such as BioShiled 75.
  • If an outbreak occurs, have the facility professionally cleaned.

What can individuals do?

  • Get Vaccinated!
  • Practice regular hand washing.
  • If feeling unwell, stay home from work or work from home if possible. Infected persons can be contagious for up to 5 days and infected children can transmit the virus for up to two weeks after infection.
  • Clean areas likely be touched: the bathroom, the remote, computer keyboards and don’t forget the cellphone.

There are between 163 million and 168 million vaccinations available this year, make sure one of them is yours!

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