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Infection Control News

According to a recent CNN article, more than 200 rare antibiotic-resistant genes in “Nightmare” bacteria were found in a 2017 Vital Signs report conducted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

A variety of resistant germs can be found in every state, but this report focused on new, highly resistant germs found in 27 states.

As patients from hospitals and residents of nursing homes transfer, germs have the high chance of spreading across our nation. Meanwhile, public health officials are concentrating on containment protocols to eliminate the risk.

Taking necessary sanitation protocols, like regularly washing hands, can limit antibiotic resistance. For institutions more susceptible to outbreaks, like medical facilities, nursing homes, and schools, rigorous infection control protocols and procedures should be in place. In the event that outbreaks should occur, facility managers should have comprehensive emergency response plans in place from decontamination to remediation.

wash hands nightmare bacteria

Read the CDC Vital Signs report:
Vital Signs: Containment of Novel Multidrug-Resistant Organisms and Resistance Mechanisms

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