Infection Control Technologies Prevention and Remediation

Infection Control Technologies is at the forefront of the fight against the transfer of disease causing pathogens from surface to body. Treatment of Sporting goods, Health Care, Day Care, Schools, Stadiums, Hospitality Facilities and even your home can help stop infection and increase productivity and health. Contact us for a free Consultation or Emergency Response.



24 Hour Emergency Response

Our Emergency Response Program has designated, certified personnel and crews who are ALWAYS available, 24/7, 365 days a year. Infection Control Technologies and its parent company, Insurance Restoration Specialists, Inc., are ready to respond to all manner of biohazard emergency situations. Continuously updating equipment and technologies, ICT is truly ready to respond. Having 25 years experience, Insurance Restoration Specialists, Inc. is well known for its reliability and accountability in the disaster recovery industry.

Assessment & Consultation

Upon request, Infection Control Technologies will refer an Infection Control Professional to examine existing policy and procedures. After inspecting your facility, speaking with staff and analyzing protocols, the consultant will make recommendations to bring the facility to the appropriate standards.

Infection Control Planning & Design

The environmental remediation programs of ICT will reduce the risks caused by the common but dangerous microbial and bacterial outbreaks that plague the educational, sports and medical facilities in our communities. Infection Control Technologies has the ability to refer IC consultants to complement the client ’s staff. This practitioner will examine and assess, with the client, existing policy and practices and make recommendations. These recommendations will determine those steps necessary to implement infectious disease protocols, policies and procedures. These efforts will bring the facility up to current requirements or enhance existing practices. Tailored for the level of need, no program is too small to receive this special attention.

Maintenance & Management

Infection Control Technologies has the capability to offer the client contracted maintenance and management programs. Our in-house professionals can oversee this process following standard operating procedures. Additionally, ICT can provide maintenance on air handling systems that will help offset the risk of airborne cross contamination. ICT can provide the necessary follow up to make sure protocols are followed to keep the threat level to a minimum..

Sporting goods and soft goods Cleaning and Sanitization



Assessment of the Risk of Ebola Virus
Transmission from Bodily Fluids and Fomites

 Application of OSHA’s Bloodborne
Pathogen Standard to Bed Bugs


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Deadly Antibiotic-Resistant Superbug Spreads in Southern California

An antibiotic-resistant superbug once thought to be rare is spreading through health-care facilities in Southern California, health officials say.

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International Journal of Food Microbiology

Inactivation of human norovirus using chemical sanitizers

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